Third Innovation Hub inaugurated in New Delhi

24 January,2014

Union government inaugurated the third Innovation Hub at the National Science Centre, New Delhi on 23 January 2014. The hub provides an opportunity for children of various age groups to develop their ideas during weekends on various aspects of Science & Technology.

The Innovation hub has been equipped with components like

• Hall of Fame with stories of Inventions and Inventors
• Innovative Laboratory to carry out activities and experiments and projects
• Tech Lab for Robotics & Microprocessor Programming
• Tod-Phod-Jod (Break & Remake) for students to open gadgets and reassemble them on their own
• Kabad Se Jugad (Build from Scrap) for students to develop things from scrap
• An Idea Box for children to propose ideas and create an idea bank

The best ideas will be chosen for experimentation, model making and project work. Children are encouraged to identify real life problem, investigatory projects and work on for solutions under the guidance of experts or mentors.

The first two Innovation hubs were opened in Bangalore and Kolkata Science under the National Council of Science Museums under Ministry of Culture.