Students showcase novel concepts at innovation hub

5 December,2013
t was schoolchildren’s date with innovative concepts of science and its applications at Visvesvaraya  Industrial and Technological Museum to mark the launch of Innovation Hub, project of National innovation Council. This is the second innovation hub after the first one was recently set up in Kolkata.

The students had come up with innovative science concepts such as ‘Tod Phod Jod’ wherein old gadgets were opened and then innovatively redone. There was another concept of ‘Kabaad se Jugad’ wherein children had simplified the concept of how ultrasonic waves travel and how the balance beam is achieved using waste material.

Besides there were other concepts involving chemistry, robotics, levitating pencil concept, understanding the platonic solids, understanding decomposition precipitation, decomposition and double displacement.

Students explained each and every concept of their science experiments that they had put up. A student who had put up levitating pencil experiment explained on how a magnetic field is created that leaves the pencil levitating. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Head of Biocon, said based on the same concept, China has a fast train which moves on the levitating effect.

The students also came up with robotics experiments wherein they had programmed two mini robots. Shaw asked the students to innovate the concept further and see how these robots can be put to further use such as in the hospitals to check on the patients in the ICU, emergency wards to keep a check on them if they need doctors.

Shaw also took a keen interest in the concept of 3-D and 4-D imaging which the students had put up. Elaborating more on the concept, G S Rautela, Director General of National Council of Science Museums, said the lab will be open to students on weekends and holidays and interested children can register to become member of innovation hub.

“There will be a resource centre for information, an idea lab where you can work on ideas you have come up with, an area to dismantle several instruments and put them back together to understand how they work or create something from scrap material,” he added.

Shaw said, “all students who had put the experiments today had a glint in their eyes. They are excited about science but they have to go beyond this and keep questioning until they find answers and then they will innovate. The idea is to challenge yourself, keep questioning the concepts, how things work and then only you can discover new things, new concepts. Classrooms need to be interactive in order to help students learn and question new things. Teachers should not judge the students based on their marks alone,” she added.

Shaw said the City needed innovation as information technology was not being used enough to find solutions for Bangalore’s problems such as potholes and waste management. “We are hub for IT innovation but we still don’t use enough IT. We are missing out on opportunities to find simple technology based solutions for our problems,” she said.