NCSM celebrates 50 yrs of Mobile Science Exhibition

18 November,2015

Kolkata, Nov 17 (PTI) Mobile Science Exhibition programmes have proved as the best way to connect with people living in rural areas to develop their level of science consciousness and enable them to integrate modern technologies in their daily life, Director General of the National Council of Science Museums, G S Rautela said.

Rautela was speaking about the significance of MSE programmes here today at the Golden Jubilee Celebration of MSE, a flagship programme of the NCSM launched in 1965.

The purpose of MSE was to popularise science and make people of far-flung areas familiar with it and to familiarise science and technology in rural India, he said.

The first MSE bus was flagged off in 1966 from Birla Industrial and Technological Museum, Kolkata. Now there are 23 MSE buses which have travelled a distance of 14,88,297 km and more than 6,45,19,367 people have visited these buses.

This has made MSE the largest and longest running non-formal science education programme in the country.

A new MSE bus with the theme "Digital India" was also inaugurated on this occasion.

Source: India Today