Hacking Space Project- A student Partnership to Sustain Life on Earth

2 April,2016

Science City, Kolkata hosted Hacking Space: A student Partnership to Sustain Life on Earth, an international exchange between Chabot Space & Science Center in Oakland, USA and Science City. 24 high school participants from the two countries jointly explored how technologies developed for the space program could solve environmental problems on earth.

The students developed prototype and demonstrated to the visitors of Science City like Reverse Osmosis- A method of water filtration using filters of different size through which 80% of the water can be reused. It is helpful during the drought condition in California. Magnetite- It helps is lessening the existing water pollution in the water and safeguarding the wild life by identifying challenges. The students found similar problem of oil spills in Mumbai and Mexico and created a method of cleaning the ocean with the help of magnet and Van- Dar-Waals burn. Tannery Water Purifier-An effective method of removing chromium ions from tanneries and hence preventing water pollution. Infinity Explorers – Preventing secondary infection in the hospitals with the use of photocatalysis and Nano particles. Lunatics- Running a miniature car with the help of hydrogen gas. Automobile Exhaust Management System-Reducing Carbon dioxide in our enviornment with the help of Zeolite.

Students from India will travel to the U.S. and perform their demonstrations for Chabot’s visitors in May.

AD Choudhury, Director , Science City, “Sharing knowledge and experience is the quintessential part of this student’s exchange programme. There will be greater understanding of the diversity, perspective and experiences among the students from both the countries”

Megan Steinwedel , Volunteer Program Manager, Chabot Space & Science Center said, “Interaction on common themes has helped us in building connections for lifetime. The students have immense potential , they came up with their own ideas”.

Andy Han student of Skyline High School, “Chalking out lesson plans, posting things on social media in collaboration with the Indian team had been great fun. We developed new insights from our counterparts while working on the project”.

Eric Havel, Sr. Manager of Education, Chabot Space & Science Center , “We are overwhelmed to resolve similar problems of both the countries through demonstrations and create awareness for the space agents”.

Learn more about the project at www.hackingspacestudentexchange.com.