Break, remake and innovate

6 December,2013

BANGALORE: The third floor of Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Meuseum (VITM) turned into a small laboratory on Thursday evening. Remote-controlled robots, test tubes with colourful chemicals, sound-waves made up of straws and pencils floating in the air... some appeared magical, others were sheer science.

The stalls put up at the conclusion of a three-day workshop for children from various schools across the city showcased assorted scientific concepts. The children also brainstormed the practical applications of these theories.

"The self-cleaning property of a lotus leaf is also used in making fabrics. Lotus leaves are considered hydrophobic and the technique can be used to make water-proof fabrics," said a student exhibiting the water-repelling aspect of the leaf to Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, chairperson and MD, VITM.

Kiran inaugurated 'Innovation Hub', an open platform set up at the venue for young minds to engage in innovative and creative activities. Set up by the VITM, the hub will engage the youth over weekends in creative hobbies and activities in science and technology to encourage critical thinking and practical problem solving skills.

Innovation Hub consists of a resource centre, an idea lab and a 'Tod fod jod' lab. "At 'Tod fod jod', students can break and re-make and while doing so, they can also innovate," said G S Rautela, director general, National Council of Science Museums (NCSM).

"Whatever you do, apply the learning and keep innovating. In India, we have to focus on affordable innovation. Innovation in the field of nano particles is very important. If you can convert some drugs to nano particles that can be directly administered to the tissues and cells, the outcome will be faster," said Kiran.