Second Innovation Lab of India Opens for Bangalore Kids

6 December,2013
Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum, on Thursday started the second ‘Innovation Lab’ in the country.

The lab, which is the brainchild of  the National Innovation Council, will be established in all metropolitan cities to provide students place and equipment to innovate.

“Many students who showcased their experiments had a glint in their eyes. This shows that they are excited about science. However, you have to go beyond what you have shown today. You have to challenge your mind and ask what you can do differently,” said Biocon chairperson Kiran Mazumdar Shaw. She was speaking at the inauguration of the lab after watching several demonstrations by students.

Shaw said the city needed innovation as Information Technology  (IT) was not being used enough to find solutions for Bangalore’s problems.

“We are the hub for IT innovation but we still don’t use enough IT. We are missing out on opportunities to find simple technology- based solutions for our problems,” she said.

The lab will be open to students on weekends and holidays. Interested children can register to become a member of the lab.

“There will be a resource centre for information, an idea lab where you can work on ideas you have come up with, a ‘Tod, Phod, Jod’(break and make) and a Kabad se Jugaad (make from scrap) area where you can dismantle several instruments and put them back together to understand how they work or create something from scrap materials,” said GS Rautela, director general of National Council of Science Museums.