Science museums body keen to train teachers

17 January,2015

The National Council of Science Museums has offered its expertise and district-level infrastructure for training science and mathematics teachers across the country, according to its senior official.

The Ministry of Human Resource Development is considering the proposal, NCSM Director General G.S. Rautela told reporters here on Saturday. “Unless we professionally develop teachers we cannot make science and mathematics interesting in classrooms,” he said.

Schools should make the subjects interesting by bringing back practical classes where students see and experience facts. NCSM will shortly extend its virtual lab facilities to other subjects, apart from chemistry and zoology.

Other ways of effective teaching, he said, would be through science clubs, visits to premier labs, as also visits to horticulture and agricultural fields. He urged the government to provide indigenously developed kits to students and encourage them to see, experience and learn new things.

R. Balasubramanian, Director of the Institute of Mathematical Sciences , and K.G.Kumar, director of the Vivesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum, Bengaluru, were present.

Courtesy: The Hindu