Sam Pitroda inaugurates innovation hub at Science Centre

23 January,2014

Adviser to the Prime Minister on public information and chairman of National Innovation Council (NIC) Sam Pitroda today inaugurated the Delhi centre of Innovation Hub at National Science Centre.

At present two such hubs are present in Bangalore and Kolkata science centres.

The National Council of Science Museums (NCSM), which is an autonomous body under the Ministry of Culture, has taken an initiative to establish innovation hubs across its science centres under the guidance of NIC.

The objective of the initiative is to meet the requirements of budding innovators and scientists in the country.

“The National Innovation Council along with the Ministry of Culture and the Planning Commission is working on a scheme to launch 100 such innovation hubs across the country,” Pitroda said while delivering the keynote address.

He also suggested that all science centres must engage with the local community and must create local ecosystems to own, support and nurture these innovation hubs.

“Every science centre must have members of the local community, including businessmen, scientists, professionals, academicians and members of civil society as part of its governing board,” he added.

Innovation hubs that are equipped with Hall of Fame stories of inventions and inventors, multimedia kiosks to explore major inventions, e-journals, books and portals, technology labs for robotics provides an opportunity for children of various age groups to work at the centre during weekends so as to develop their ideas on science and technology.