B.B.C Microphone Equalizer Unit

19 October,2015

Name of the Artifact: B.B.C Microphone equalizer unit. 

Serial No: 317

Artifact Title: Lip microphone or commentator’s lip microphone.

Model No: Type L1.

Country of origin: United Kingdom.

Date of Manufacturing: 1937-1960.

Measurement :

The whole microphone is kept in the wooden box.

Size of the box:

Height 38 cm
Breadth 28 cm
Width 16 cm

Cable (wound): 240 mm

Microphone: 270 mm x 100 mm x 92 mm

Size of the equalizer unit:

Height 20.5 cm
Breadth 9.5 cm
Width 19 cm

Weight of microphone: .45 Kg (approx.)

Weight of whole system: 1.4 Kg (approx.)

Historical / Scientific / Natural / Social significance:

The microphone was specially design by B.B.C to cancel out unwanted background noise during outside broadcasts. Since it was necessary to speak very closely into the microphone, for this reason these microphones became known as lip microphones. Marconi manufactured L.1 microphone for B.B.C in 1937 and in 1951 an improved lip microphone, type L.2 was designed which was the first production model were used in the Coronation broadcast of 1953.

The type L.1 microphone was not the first noise cancellation microphone. It is believed, however to be first microphone of this kind to give transmitted speech of broadcast quality.

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