National Council of Science Museums (NCSM), an autonomous organisation under Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India is organising a National level Workshop on ‘Digital Engagement of Museums’ in collaboration with British Council. Museums professional from 33 different museums and science centres of India are participating in the workshop which is scheduled to be held from 22nd – 24th September 2014 at Central Research and Training Laboratory (CRTL) on 22nd & 24th September and at Science City, Kolkata and at Birla Industrial and Technological Museum, Kolkata on 23rd September. Carolyn Royston, former head of Digital Media at Imperial War Museum, UK and Charlotte Sexton, former head of Digital Media at National Gallery, London and President at Museum Computer Network (MCN) will guide the Indian Museum professionals on how to create a digital engagement program in museums of India.

Program Schedule:


Date Time Programme Remarks
September 21, 2014 Arrival of participants of participants at Kolkata 
Day– I– Introduction and Context 
September 22, 2014 ( Monday)  0900 hrs-1000hrs Registration Venue: C.R.T.L., Kolkata
1000 hrs. – 1130 hrs. 


Welcome Address by Shri G.S. Rautela, Director General, NCSMIntroductory remarks by Smt Sujata Sen, Director, British Council, Eastern India

Address by Carolyn Royston and Charlotte Sexton


Self-introduction by participants

Introduction and Context of the Workshop ( By British Council)

  • Introductions – us and the group
  • Why digital is important for museums
Venue: C.R.T.L., KolkataTea will be served during the programme
1130 hrs – 1300 hrs.
  • Context and background to digital evolution in museums – global and local
  • Understanding roles and responsibilities for digital delivery
1300 hrs. – 1400 hrs Lunch Break
1400 hrs. – 1630 hrs.
  • What are the different channels of delivery (website, mobile, in-gallery interactives, social media)
  • Who are your audiences? (Activity)

o             Families

o             Enthusiasts

o             Tourists

o             Academics

o             Teachers                 and pupils

  • What content do they want? – Activity




Tea will be served in the classroom
Day– 2- Audiences and Content
September 23, 2014 ( Tuesday) 0930 hrs Bus Leaves for Science City, Kolkata
1000 hrs. – 1100 hrs. 


  • Quick review of Day 1
  • Improving your website

o             Developing a site for your audiences (Activity: review a generic site with a particular audience type in mind)

o             Feedback to whole group


Venue: Science City 
1100 hrs. – 1130 hrs.              Tea break.
1130 hrs – 1300 hrs.
    • Simple steps to improving your site (now apply principles to your own museum website)
    • Write down steps for your Action Plan
    • Feedback to whole group


1400 hrs Bus leaves for BITM
1500 hrs. – 1630 hrs.
  • What makes a good in-gallery digital experience? (e.g. audio guide, interactive kiosk)
  • Why make one? (audience need, digital enables you to do something that you can’t show in any other way)

o    Go into the gallery space and try some examples (if possible on-site) – or if not possible take video of some interactive in London

o    What is good and what might be improved? (provide some questions for them to think about in the context of the audience)

o    Feedback on observations


Venue: Birla Industrial & Tech Museum
1630 hrs. – 1645 hrs.                 Tea Break
1645 hrs. – 1800 hrs.
  • Approaches to making an interactive (using example of ‘How to make a cup of tea’ for different audiences)
  • Write down steps for your own Action Plan for an interactive idea in your own gallery


1815 hrs Bus leaves for Bengal Club
1900 hrs-2130 hrs Official dinner at Bengal Club
2130 hrs Bus leaves for CRTL Guest House
Day 3 – Telling the world and measuring success
September 24, 2014 ( Wednesday) 0930 hrs. – 1030 hrs. 


  • Quick recap of what we have covered so far
  • Marketing and promotion

o    Ways to promote digital activity in your organisation (e.g. using social media)

o    How to measure success and test with your audiences

Venue: C.R.T.L., KolkataTea will be served in the classroom
1030 hrs – 1130 hrs.
  • Review and refine your Action Plan
  • Share your Plan and next steps for when you go back to your organisation
1130 hrs. – 1230 hrs
  • Review and re-cap the workshop, Q&A
  • Evaluation of workshop
1230 hrs.-1300 hrs Valedictory Programme
1300 hrs. – 1400 hrs.
  • Lunch
1400 hrs Departure of participants

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