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Operation of the tube depends on an electrical arc discharge between electrodes in a sealed envelope containing vacuum at very low pressure. The main component of the valve is anode, cathode and grid. The carbon anodes emit very few electrons even when heated, so the current of electrons can only pass through the tube in one direction, from cathode […]

Date of Manufacturing:  1985s (approx) Description: To measure the quality of all the air in a particular place. Almost all the health effects (respiratory illness, mortality) is based on these measurements. It can be used for testing the air quality inside the industries, factories and living place or place of work. It helps to plot […]

To transmit messages across telegraph wires, in the 1830s Morse and Vail created what came to be known as Morse code. Telegraph messages were sent by tapping out a special code for each letter of the message with a telegraph key The code assigned letters in the alphabet and numbers a set of dots (short […]

Date of Manufacturing :  1925 Description: Triode consists of a vacuum tube with three electrodes which are Cathode, Anode and a Control grid. It consists of cylindrical glass bulb with top exhaust tip and with 4 pin UV style base. Triodes have a hot cathode electrode heated by a filament, which releases electrons, and a flat metal plate electrode to […]

Name of the Artifact: B.B.C Microphone equalizer unit.  Serial No: 317 Artifact Title: Lip microphone or commentator’s lip microphone. Model No: Type L1. Country of origin: United Kingdom. Date of Manufacturing: 1937-1960. Measurement : The whole microphone is kept in the wooden box. Size of the box: Height 38 cm Breadth 28 cm Width 16 […]