On-line Digitally signed e-tenders are invited in two Bid System from the reputed and experienced manufacturers for Supply, Erection, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of “CNC Turning Centre/Machine” as per Council’s specification at this office. Only reputed manufacturers having proven experience in producing similar product and capability to execute the job within scheduled time frame may […]

E-Tender is invited for the work of “ “Developmental works such as Construction of peripheral road, garden pathways, horticulture and landscaping work, installation of tube well, Rain Water harvesting etc. at Sub Regional Science Centre, Udaipur, Tripura” at an estimated cost of `60,17,502/-.  Please visit website http://eprocure.gov.in/eprocure/app and search with Tender Id: 2018_NCSM_295222_1 for details […]

NOTICE INVITING e-TENDER For supply, installation, testing and commissioning of four numbers of integrated 3 DOF Capsule Simulators having individual seating capacity of 18-20 with 3D immersive display system including two selected educational ride films with motion programming for each simulator at Science City Kolkata, Nehru Science Centre, Mumbai and National Science Centre, Delhi. On-line […]

e-Tender Notice 1 Name of the work at  Sub-Regional Science Centre at Bargarh, Odisha (a)   Work of Garden development (b) Auditorium Stage & allied works Tender Id 2017_NCSM_ 258949_1 2017_NCSM_ 259038_1 Tender Ref. No.: I-15014/61/ Garden/17-18 I-15014/61/ Auditorium/17-18 2 Estimated Cost Rs.4.99 Lakhs Rs.4.99 Lakhs 3 Completion time   60  Days  45 Days 4 Date […]