Sheldon Paquin Project Leader – Antibiotics, Science Museum, London   A hundred years ago, medicine looked very different.  Even though we understood that disease and infection could be caused by microbes like bacteria or viruses, there was very little that we could do about it.  People died in the millions of simple infections or […]

Science Safari: On the hunt for new medicines We are currently living in a world where many of our known and trusted antibiotics are no longer effective against diseases they used to cure. With antibiotic resistance continuing to develop rapidly, the race is on to find new drugs to help patients. In 1928 a bacteria-killing […]

Dr. Saroj Ghose Prelude Dr S Hussain Zaheer, then Director General of CSIR, was in his office at Delhi in a very relaxed mood after a post-lunch brief nap. That was in the last week of March in 1965. A young Curator, just returned from the USA to take charge of the Birla Industrial & […]

Paula Gangopadhyay Chief Learning Officer, The Henry Ford Dearborn, Michigan, USA Recently, I had the distinct opportunity to be the guest of National Council of Science Museums (NCSM) at their national headquarters in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. The three-day workshop held during March 26-28, 2015 entitled International Capacity Building Workshop on Innovation was well attended […]

by Sowmya Rajaram Too slow. Too fast. Too much to the right and …crash. Drat. Trial two. This time, I’m a tad slower, consciously making sure I, prostrate in a contraption, don’t tug too hard at the control and tilt forward and crash. But it’s no good. I haven’t figured out yet how much to […]

Gretchen Jennings I’m so happy that NCSM has a blog; I think it must be one of the very few museum blogs in India. Because museums are part of a global network today, I think it is so important for museum professionals to share their thoughts and perspectives. Right now museum global dialog has a […]

It was a session of the International Conference on ‘Strategic Transformations: Museums in the 21st Century’ held in February this year. I was listening to Prof. Hans Martin Hinz, President ICOM. ICOM is the abbreviation of the International Council of Museums which is the largest body of association of Museums in the world with over […]

Holi, the festival of Colours is celebrated in different corners of India with pomp and gaiety on full moon day in the month of Phalgun which is the month of March as per the Gregorian calendar. We all are also aware of the Legend of demon King Hiranyakashyap and his son Prahlad and sister Holika. […]

My dear friend, if you are born on March 14, then you are lucky enough to share your birthday with the great physicist Albert Einstein. He was born on the date in 1879. We all know about his theory of Relativity’, perhaps the most famous equation till date E = mc2, the Mass Energy equivalence.  He […]