On-line Digitally signed e-tenders are invited in two Bid System for design,  development,  supply, installation, integration, testing and commissioning of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) based artifacts registration and inventory verification system in different museums and galleries under Ministry of Culture, Government  of  India,  offering onsite warranty support of 3 (three) years, post warranty maintenance for 2 (two) years. The agencies may download the tender documents from the Central Public Procurement Portal (CPPP):  http://eprocure.gov.in/eprocure/app or from the Council‟s websitewww.ncsm.gov.in as per the following schedule:-


Bid Document Published Date December  13, 2016 (As per portal time)
Bid Document Download  Start Date December  13, 2016 (As per portal time)
Bid Document Download  End Date January 3, 2017 (As per portal time)
Bid Clarification Start Date December  14, 2016 (As per portal time)
Bid Clarification End Date December  20, 2016 (As per portal time)
Bid Submission Start Date December  14, 2016 (As per portal time)
Bid Submission End Date January 3, 2017 (As per portal time)
Earnest Money Deposit INR 4.0 lakhs (Rupees four lakhs only)
Technical (Techno-Commercial) Bid Opening Date January 4, 2017 (As per portal time)
Date of Technical Presentation at National Science

Center,  New Delhi

January 6, 2017


The online bid both Technical (Techno-Commercial) Bid and Financial Bid, duly furnished in Cover –I and Cover-II respectively, should be uploaded by the due date and time as per the above schedule. The responsibility to ensure the same lies with the bidders. Off-line tenders shall not be accepted and no request in this regard will be entertained whatsoever. Online Technical (Techno-Commercial) Bid will be opened at the first instance in this office at 11.30 a.m. on January 4, 2017 for technical evaluation as well as selection of techno-commercially acceptable offers. The agencies shall be required to make detailed technical presentation on all available options as detailed in Annexure-F (Scope of work and technical specification) on January 6, 2017 at National Science Centre, New Delhi.  At the second stage, the Financial Bids of only the selected and techno-commercially acceptable offers / system / equipment will be opened. Decision of the Council regarding selection of eligible and qualified vendors / firms and or equipment in particular for opening the Financial Bid shall be final and binding on the bidders. Bidders may be present during opening of tenders.

NCSM reserves the right to accept or reject any or all tenders in full or part without assigning any reason whatsoever. NCSM shall also not be bound to accept merely the lowest tender but the technical suitability, capability and superiority of the equipment / system as well as after sales service including infrastructure to render such service etc. shall be of prime consideration for selection of the equipment /system.

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